vbaproject.otm file deleted from hard drive




I wrote some degree of vb in my personal outlook installation a few
days ago. Like other stories I've read on the internet, my VBA
project is now completely gone. I have a text back up of the actual
code, so I'm covered there.

What I cannot seem to get to work is the ability to create a new
vbaproject.otm file. I did a complete search starting from root of c:
\, and it just no longer exists. Period :(

I've tried several diferent things (new install of Outlook 2003),
repair pst file (ugh), searched the registry to see if resilency
setting was making VBA disabled. Nothing seems to get me a brand new
OTM file so I can paste in my project code.

The behavior I am seeing is that the toolbar buttons for the code I
created appear on the client. I set the macro security settings to
low. I press Alt+F11 to start the VBA editor, I get a warning that
says "thisoutlooksession" has macros, but then when I click enable, I
see an error message "file not found". VB editor does open, but
pretty much everything is disabled. I can't insert a module to even
start over.

Any advice?

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