outlook vbaproject.otm doesnt exist


ozzy nax

i just uninstalled my office 2007 and installed a clean copy of office 2010. (my macros are enabled)

i am running into the same recent problem as with outlook 2007. i hadnt until a week ago.

as i start outlook, i get an error "microsoft visual basic." -- file not found error.

with alt-f11 i get into the vba window however the window is empty with no outlook session, or project.

i have checked my %appdata% folder for outlook and there is not a VBAProject.OTM file. As far as I have read on forums, when Outlook cant locate the .OTM file, it should create a new one but it doesnt seem to be the case for me.

how can i fix this issue? i have tried to locate the .otm file from another computer and copy it to my appdata folder, but that computer also did not have an .otm file. if i were able to find the file, would that have solved the problem? can i possibly download it from somewhere?

ANY help would be much appreciated

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