Visio 2003 Professional not retaining toolbar customizations


Stephen Furr

I've found that at least the following two conditions
to be true:

View->Toolbars->Customize...->Options tab->
Unchecking "Show Standard and Formatting Toolbars on two


View->Toolbars->Customize...->Toolbars tab->
Unchecking "PDFMaker 6.0"

are not retained when Visio is exited and restarted. The
Standard and Formatting Toolbars go back to being on two
rows (and the box is checked again) and the Acrobat
toolbar is back (and it's box is checked again.)

I spoke with Adobe this morning and they claim that this
is a known issue with Visio 2003 and that Adobe and
Microsoft are jointly working on a solution. Adobe's
DocID for this issue is 329775; anyone know of a KB entry
for this issue?

It's a pain because I'm trying to minimize the amount of
screen real estate used by all these toolbars since this
is being run on a laptop with only 1024x768 resolution.
Having Acrobat's little three button taskbar take its own
complete line to itself severely reduces the available
room to work on flowcharts. Additionally, I'm willing to
live with not having every icon from the Standard and
Formatting toolbars available ready at hand, but the
inability to have them on one line again reduces the
available work space.

Any help greatly appreciated.






I've found that disabling the Adobe macros (which create
the Adobe PDF menu) the Microsoft "two rows" issue is
fixed. So this definately appears to be a problem with
the Adobe Acrobat Visio macros... back to Adobe.



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