Visio 5 and XP



My Win98SE machine just died a horrible death and I had to
purchase a new computer with XP. When I try to install
Visio 5 it tells me that the OS is incompatable.

I paid big bucks (okay, a few years ago) for Visio 5 and I
don't really feel like paying big bucks again to upgrade.

Any advice on how to make it work?? I have not
encountered this problem with any other application I'm
trying to move off my Win98SE machine to XP.

Thanks for any help.







Thanks, John!!

I don't use Visio that much and Visio 5 is perfectly
acceptable, so being able to install and run it as you've
explained will do me just fine.

I also discovered that one can get an academic license
version of 2003 standard for about $60. I have a daughter
who's a student, so I could have bought it. On the other
hand, it looks like there are lots of software vendors out
there who don't check...


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