Visio Save As Webpage hangs with hyperlink



I have a shape... I add it to a drawing I can save just
fine as a VSD or as HTML. If I add a hyperlink to the
drawing I can still save as VSD but if I try to save it
as HTML the progress dialog comes up, the CPU goes to
100% but no progress is made and Visio hangs...

If I do the same thing with a different shape, it all
works fine, so there is something about this shape that I
have that causes this problem and I have no idea where to
start in solving this problem...

Any thoughts??




Dick Hamilton \(MS\)

Hi Steven,

I can try to help with this with a bit more information. What version of
Visio and what OS are you using? What is the type of hyperlink and what
does it point to? What is the shape? Is the shape included with Visio, or
is it a custom shape? If you can attach a Visio drawing which reproduces
the problem, I can have it reviewed here. thanks.



I have experienced the same symptoms described above
(hanging up, CPU at 100% and finally "not responding").
My drawing has no hyperlinks in it. I saved it as a web
page several times over the course of 2-3 days. When the
drawing was finished, the final attempt to save as a web
page resulted in the above behavior.

Also, I opened a drawing done by someone else in Visio
2000 and attempted to save as web page with the same
result. Other drawings work OK. The common property of the
two that failed is that they were larger files - between 1
and 2.5MB.

I am using Visio 2003 on XP. All patches are current.
Compaq EVO N800v 1.7MHz, 512MB.

Can I give you any additional information that might help?

Dane Clingan
Fluent Network Services



Andy [MS]

One thing you might try is giving it more time to complete the save. During
certain parts of the web page creation process, Visio is unable to update
the progress dialog since it doesn't get updates itself. If the diagram is
large/complex, the time to complete the save of the actual image (jpg, gif,
png, emz, or svg) can be quite long. I believe that only the SVG save will
update the progress dialog.

Hope this helps.

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