website preview comes up left justified



Hello, I am designing a website with publisher, and whenever I preview it, it
shows up completly left justified with a lot of white space at the right. How
do I get the website to come up centered?





Don Schmidt

Publisher by default creates websites left justified. They can not be
changed within Publisher but you can edit the htm/html files to center the
pages. There are two methods to accomplish this depending if the website
was created with 2000, 2002 or with 2003, 2007.

Which version of Publisher are you using?

Don Schmidt

OK, below is the method of centering websites created with Publisher 2003 &

Vancouver, USA
A Donald Canned Response -

Thanks to "Spike" who gave to us this:

The fix to center pages using publisher 2003 and 2007
Publish to your hard drive
Edit the htm file(s) and replace </head> with

</head><table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="2"
(All on one line)

If you are using a page width different than 760 pixels change that number
in the above line

If you have multiple pages you might want to look at ReplaceInFiles program,
available at,
<> a simple replace lines in multiple htm &
html files.

The four boxes require the following information:
Find: </head>
Replace with: </head><table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="2"

File Types: *.htm
In Folder:
(use the button to go to the folder where the htm files are located on your
hard drive)
The bottom four boxes can be left blank.
Note: Once the boxes are filled out and the "Replace all" is selected,
the entries are retained for the next time you use the program.

Then ftp the files to your ISP




owen rogers

Hope you can help; i tried the method for Publisher 2007, and although it worked, it left "width="760"align="center">" in the top left corner of the webpage as seen in Internet Explorer. Any thoughts how to hide this or likewise get rid of it?

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