Where does the data live??



Hi All,

I having problems with one custom field that I cannot remove for some
reason. No matter how many times I try and remove it normally, it just
reappears with all of its ValueList items when I log back in.

I'm running MSP 2003 over PWA 2003 in a Enterpise environment. I thought
that perhaps I could remove it directly from one of the SQL tables, but I
cannot find the values at all. I can see in MSP_Conversions that "Text2" is
actually called 188743734, but I cannot see where the value list lives. In
other words, the values you see when you pull down the drop down box.

I have searched all SQL files and even searched the Registry on my PC, but I
cannot find those values.

Any ideas out there? Without being able to remove this custom field, it
shows up in every task in every project.

Thanks in advance,


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