Windows 7 64 bit and Outlook 2007



I have just loaded a new dell computer with windows seven 64 bit with Outlook
2007 from my previous XP machine. All was stable on the previous machine
with the Outlook program.

Everything is working fine on the the windows 7 machine and I'm impressed
with the voice recognition. Unfortunately Outlook has problems. For some
reason I have lost messages in transferring data using an external drive and
the normal import and export facility. In addition, possibly because there
are messages going back to 2004 when I was probably still using outlook
2003 the archived files have not come across an all and I keep getting error
messages when I try to use the archive facility. I presume this is because
of the change in 2003 on the .PST files? How to resolve?

When I tried to bring messages across again using the standard import and
export facility I'm now getting a message "the messaging interface has
returned an unknown error. If problem persists restart outlook " How to
resolve asclearly restarting doesn't work?

Indeed, if I have to reload this whole thing could you advise how I'd do it
so that all the data it goes and the default mail account goes with it
allowing a clean reload which may of course have to happen.

I am also copying this to a different section of these forums in Windows 7
because I have a at Samsung Laser printer ML 1610 which was working perfectly
fine before windows 7 and for which I have downloaded windows 764 bit
driver. In the device manager it shows the printer is working properly though
it is still showing a yellow coloured error icon and obviously will not
print. On right clicking the printer in the control box the option to set
the printer as the default printer is actually not in the drop down menu?
Could you kindly advise?


Thank you very much for responding to my message.

I seem to have resolved some of the issues, particularly the printer, by
doing a system restore.

I am still having trouble with Outlook though and I think that it is
probably caused by my own errors. I think what happened is that I have
loaded two lots of PST files when I was trying to bring the data across to
the new machine. I have about two years worth of messages but I have been
unable to bring across the archived files.

I think I would like to try and dump everything on the Outlook on this new
machine and start again to see if I can get everything across. When I tried
to uninstall Outlook then reinstall it it comes back up with the default data
files . Could you advise me how to get everything accross including the
archive files some of which are,or were, not in Unicode.
thanks again



Use the Mail applet in the control panel to create a new mail profile and
delete anything that exists. (Note: Do not copy any of the existing e-mail
profiles. Create new and then delete the old ones.)

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