Windows 7 64-bit and Outlook 2007



I have been using Outlook (in Office 2007 Enterprise) successfully in the
Windows XP Pro 32-bit environment. I just did a clean install of Windows 7
64-bit, using Easy Transfer to migrate my personal settings between OSs.
Both Windows and Office installs were without any hiccups. Nothing else has
been added to the computer that wasn't there under Windows XP, except 64-bit
versions where available.
However, one major anomaly has shown up: When I try to use a link within an
e-mail message, I get the following error message: "This operation has been
canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your
system administrator.
I have full administrator privileges on this home computer and I have tried
all the UAC settings, including Off. It still won't allow using links within
e-mail messages.
I can do a Copy/Paste successfully, but that's no trick.

Also, is there a way to preview pdf attachments in Outlook? When I get the
dialogue box, hitting Open only sends it to Word which reads gobbledygook. Is
it possible to configure it to open it in Adobe Acrobat? When I try to get
that answer from within the Help function I'm told the page is not available
on-line (along with quite a few others).

BTW, assuming the problem was Windows 7-generated, since everything worked
under Windows XP, I sent this request to the Windows group. They disavowed it
was their problem. Now it;s in your court.
Looking forward to your always helpful advice.


Easy Transfer generally mucks up the outlook settings
If a pdf is opening in Word, then your File Associations are mucked up -
nothing to do with Outlook
Ensure Outlook is shown as default in Internet Options and Default
Programs - again not exactly an outlook issue

Roady [MVP]

The clicking a link issue is caused by your preferred Internet Browser not
being properly registered as the default in Windows. In order to reset it
Start-> Default Programs
For details see;

2) To enable previewer support on a 64-bit version of Windows, you'll need
to fix a registry key from Adobe.
For details see;

3) To re-assign the pdf-extension to Adobe Reader, see the same locations as
in 1)


2a) And if you don't like Adobe Acrobat Reader, then one can use Foxit
Reader which doesn't rely on editing the registry to make the preview
functionality work in the OS or Outlook.

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