Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error



Hi there,

One of my corporate users is experiencing an odd issue producing an error
message when attempting to save a Word 2007 document.

1. User has the pre-existing (not new) document open and clicks the save
2. In what seems to be a random occurrence, the document will bring up a
"Save As" dialog box asking him where to save, as if Word forgot where the
document is already saved! Odd thing is, it shows the proper location where
the file already exists.
3. User will choose the same location and replace the file. Sometimes it
will overwrite and save properly. But on other save occurrences it will
randomly show the error message "Word cannot complete the save due to a file
permission error".
4. User will continue to attempt to save until it works.

The user is running Windows 7 32-bit Enterprise, Office 2007 Professional
Plus, and Trend Micro Worry Free Business 6.0 all with the latest updates and

The file in question is stored locally on the users c: hard drive in a sub
folder within his My Documents; it is not stored on a removable media device.

The file does not have the 'read only' attribute selected, and the user is
the owner of the document will full control permissions.

It occurs with multiple Word documents and there seems to be no pattern.




I am experiencing the exact same error, not just with word but powerpoint and
excel too. I havent been able to find any solutions as yet, but will update
this post if I do.


Try uninstalling Windows Search. This problem occured in many scenerios for
me. Windows 7 64 bit / Office 2010 Beta and Windows 7 32 bit Office 2007. In
all instances the problem has gone away.


Same issue here

I figured out that if I shut down Trend Micro Internet Security, the problem goes away. I then tried reactivating Trend Micro and instead adding winword.exe to the exceptions list but that didn't work

I'm still at a loss with figuring out which part of Trend Micro I need to *safely* shut down

Also, I'm willing to shut down Windows Search. Can someone tell me how I might do that?

Terry Farrell

I don't really see that Windows Search has anything to do with the problem.
My advice is to dump Trend and install the free Microsoft Security




I use Microsoft Security Essentials and frequently run into the same problem.
(Windows 7 32bit all updates applied)


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