Word fails to save files after update



Today Serveral systems running Word 2007 no longer would are able to Save
documents. I receive the error " There has been a network or file permission
error. The network connection may be lost. (\\servernane\filename.docx)"

There was a knowledgebase reference to this error : Q291156. This did not
resolve the issue. Also, this just started.

I noticed there were updates applied from automatic updates for MS word 2007
for April 14, 2007 . When reverting back using system restore, Word 2007
then saves properly without any errors.

We are using Word 2007 on XP systems with a NT 4.0 Server SP6 .

I need to resolve this issue or I will not be able to apply anymore updates
to office and or windows XP.





I have the exact same circumstance. Although, for some reason, syste
restore did not work as a backout method. However, I uninstalled th
updates from April 13th and now Word 2007 can save files on our NT 4.

So any help will be appreciated.

This weekend, I will try to isolate the single (hopefully) patch that i
the culprit

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