Audio to Text ?



OneNote has the function to recognise words in Audio - OK it's done by a
background indexing service, not instant recognition - but the voice
recognition stuff is there.

Can I import an audio file into OneNote, leave it for a while to be indexed,
and then have the ability to have the file outputted into OneNote as text
(where I can then correct any errors etc...) ?

It would seem like a simple next step from the current functionality of the
software - but it looks like it's not there. Or is it ?

Anyone know ?

Many thanks

I just can't see it as reliable. IF you really only need "80%"
recognition this might be viable, but I suspect, when every 5th word
is wrong, you'll be upset.

Try Windows Vista ... can it turn audio files (i.e. *.wav) into text ?

I know Dragon Naturally Speaking can turn .wav into .txt

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