Cannot open any folders (pinned or recent) from Word 365 Open Dialogue/Backstage

Apr 17, 2020
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After Office is open for a short bit of time, any time I click the OPEN button, or click FILE to open the Word 365 Backstage, if I click to show Pinned and Recent Folders instead of files, the folders shown are completely nonfunctional. Clicking them does nothing (rather than opening them). Right-Clicking them and selecting OPEN from the context menu does nothing. Nothing in the Context Menu of any folder in the OPEN-> FOLDERS backstage/dialogue list works. I have to use Browse and manually browse to the folder I want to open to open any files from it, making the OPEN FOLDER dialogue utterly useless.

I have thoroughly checked my computer for malware with Win 10 Security, as well as with Malwarebytes, Avast and Norton Online, and none were found.

I've done complete File Cleanups and Cleared ALL my Windows and Internet Caches and restarted. No effect.

I have run the Office 365 Quickie Repair. No Effect.

I have run the Office 365 Online Repair. No Effect.

I have completely uninstalled and totally cleaned all vestiges of Office 365 off my computer, shut down the computer for 5 minutes to completely clear all data, then restarted and reinstalled Office 365. No effect other than seriously messing with my OneDrive archives, needing extensive repair.

I've searched online at numerous Microsoft and Office 365 help sites, but this issue isn't even listed.

I've run out of things to try, and having to completely shut down Word and relaunch it to get Pinned/Recent Folder functionality back is not acceptable by any stretch of the imagination.

Does anyone have any insight and/or solutions for this issue at all? I'm at my wit's end and frustrated beyond belief. Even Microsoft Service hasn't told me anything useful whatsoever.

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