Colors with a mind of their own in Visio 2000


Jeremy Leroyer

I've got quite a recurring problem with Visio. Colors seem to change
arbitrarily for some of my drawings. Some colors seem to be replaced
automatically by others. For instance, I can set an item font in red,
and find that it went black after a while (I haven't identified when
it became black). If I copy a red item from an other "regular"
drawing, it becomes black when I paste in on the "strange" drawing.
BUT, I can then change the item back to red, and it will stay red.
This problem also happen when I use an item from a stencil, the color
will be all right on the "regular" drawing, but changed when put on
the "strange" drawing. I can then change the color of this stencil
item, and it will stay this color.
Can somebody help me on that one? I searched Dejanews, Google, the KB,
and all the color change bugs I heard about where about pasting
drawings to other applications.

Jérémy Leroyer



John Marshall, MVP

To start with, which version of Visio are you using?

This is more of a Graham Wideman question, but I'll try and explain what I
think is happening. In your version of Visio, it is using indexed colours
and the indexes do not match.

Visio has a table of colours and the standard colours occupy the first few
positions.For example, Black;White;Red;Green;Blue;Yellow may occupy position
0;1;2;3;4;5. When you had a new colour to the table the next available
position is used. So if you add Sky Blue to two different drawings, it may
have a value of 31 in one drawing and 33 in another.

So for some reason, the colour numbers were copied across, but the colour
table was not adjusted to handle the new colour.

John... Visio MVP

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