Conditional Formatting with DateDiff (Access 2007)


Jeremy's Dad

I've just begin working on a database for a small non-profit and one
of the features I've been asked to include is a way to easily
distinguish those members whose membership has elapsed.

I've stumbled across the DateDiff function and believe that will work
for me in conjuction with conditional formatting.

Because of my lack of knowledge, I've done a lot of searching prior to
posting here but have yet to find any success in pointing me in the
right direction.

What I'm looking for is some material to help me learn how to properly
write the expression that will allow conditional formatting to
recognize those members whose last renewal was done more than 365 days
ago. The information is stored in a text box called txtLastRenewal
that has an input mask set to short date.

As I understand the help files, DateDiff("d", Now, txtLastRenewal)
will provide the number of days between today and whatever is in the
text box. That's great but I've not been able to find direction for
the next step which is to take action if that number is greater than

Thanks for any help you can provide


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