convert ost to pst


Joe hen

Hi can somone send me the conversion tool to convert ost to pst. i receive one from microsoft a couple years ago during a migration and now I can not find it thanks.



Oliver Vukovics


I found this website:

here on the top "OST2PST"

"Convert a Microsoft Exchange .OST to .PST. Outlook 97/98/2000/2002. This
will not work with Outlook 2003 because of the new Exchange cached mode."

I hope this helps.

Joe hen

Thanks but I have tried this but it does not work I keep getting an error I am un sure if it is machine profile specific or outlook profile specific. It works when I create the file on my machine under my profile but it does not work when the file is from another source. Meaning I have a copy of the ost but no longer have the machine and outlook profile in which the profile was created on.

Jospeh Henderson

Yes i saw that one and it work great but it is out of my budget. I received a free one from Microsoft before I was hoping I could get that one. Thanks for your help.

Roady [MVP]

You're welcome! Good to hear you've got it solved! :)

Roady [MVP]

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Sep 8, 2020
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Use ‘Archiving’ to save OST emails to PST :-

By enabling the Auto Archive method in Outlook, you will be able to save the items of OST file in a separate PST file. This method helps you to keep the size of your mailbox manageable. When the size of the mailbox grows and there are multiple messages that are older and you do not require them to be in the mailbox, then you can put them in the archive folder easily. Follow the simple steps to enable auto archiving in Outlook.

-Launch the Outlook application, go to File, and click Options.
-Go to Advanced and click Auto Archive Settings.
-Now select the number of days in which you want to run auto archiving. Select the folder to save the archived file; also, provide the archiving options and finally click OK.
Hope this information is helpful to you.

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