Editing the whole Bible and accounting for all changes as footnotes + footnote index



In Microsoft Word, I wish to change 100's of words in order to create m
own Bible version.

So I decided all the unique words I'd like to change and I created a
excel file containing 2 columns:
Column A. The words to be removed.
Column B. The new words to be inserted.

Here's what my work looks like:

Column A Column B

God Elohim
heaven shamayim
earth aretz
waters mayim
good tov

Besides making all the changes, I wish to put footnotes at the bottom o
every page, accounting for all such changes.

For example:
The word "Elohim" now replaces the word "God".
So I would like to have it underlined like this: In the beginnin
And then have a footnote at the bottom of the page, showing that th
original word was "God".
(Note: I only want underlined the first occurrence of the word "Elohim
in each page, and I don't want the little footnote number 1 beside it).

Here's a picture of my desired "before and after" attached.


Is there any other way to do this besides Find/Replace each word?
Because the whole issue is, I want to account for all the changes a
footnotes (once per page) and also as a footnote index or glossary i
the back of the book.

How can I change the first occurrence of the word "God" into the ne
word "Elohim", then create the appropriate footnote, and then have M
Word do the same for every occurrence thereafter, as well as put tha
same footnote on every page (only once per page) only where it'

Should I try doing all this by creating first a concordance file? An
then, is there some way of creating automatic bookmarks
cross-references? footnotes? .. so I can also render my footnote inde
as glossary in the back of the book?

Or is it there a way with macros to make all my changes and footnotes?
And then for the glossary, is there a way to gather all the footnote
and list them alphabetically in the back of the book?

Do I want to make a concordance file? Should these be created as inde
entries? Or as footnotes, or as cross-references, or as bookmarks, or a
citations? I'm not sure which way is best, considering I have all th
changes I want to make, all in an excel file, and I'm not sure how the
can be retrieved from Word, replacing all the old words with the ne


|Filename: beforeafter.jpg
|Download: http://www.wordbanter.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=184

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