Egadds - how do I merge my old .pst file in Outlook 2000

Discussion in 'Outlook General' started by JonT, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. JonT

    JonT Guest

    Please help.

    My PC hard disk got fried a few weeks ago.

    Reinstalled Windows XP Home, everything fine, then re-installed Office 2000.
    Everything fine. Until ...............

    I went to merge my old backed up .pst file, which was backed up in the usual
    File, Export, .PST file way.

    When I tried to bring it in, I was prompted for a password ???? I did not
    password protect the backed up .pst file.

    So, I have moved on, sort of .... but really need a lot of the information
    from my old .pst file.
    Every time Outlook 2000 is opened I am prompted for a password that I do not
    know for the second set of Personal Folders that just hangs out in my list
    of folders.

    How can I disconnect my old personal folders,
    open it up with a password I did not put there,
    then, merge them (probably I would go one by one).
    But number one is to open my old pst file

    Thank you so much,


    If you want to send me an e-mail personally on this, I believe I have added
    the word SPAM, which you can remove and e-mail me.
    JonT, Aug 31, 2004
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  2. AndreasRoeder, Aug 31, 2004
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  3. JonT

    Tasha Guest

    Hi Jon - Have you just clicked okay without putting in
    password? or tried your .net password? Sometimes it
    will use your outlook setup password for e-mail. Try
    those - don't think you need software.
    Tasha, Aug 31, 2004
  4. That's not the usual way to backup a PST. The usual way is, with Outlook
    closed, simply to copy the PST to another folder or to a CD. Any other way
    can (not always, necessarily, but possibly) lose data. To restore, you use
    FIle>Open>Personal Folders File, browse to your PST, select it, and click
    OK. You can then move things around as you will. (Note: if your backup PST
    was stored on a CD, you have to copy it to the hard drive and remove the
    Read-Only attribute before you can open it in Outlook.)
    Download and run
    it against the PST that seems to have a password. Be sure to read the note
    in the zip first.
    Right-click and choose Close.
    See above
    File>Open>Personal Folders File.
    Brian Tillman, Aug 31, 2004
  5. JonT

    JonT Guest

    Thanks all, I give things a chance. But I certainly won't pay $30 for

    I definately did not do the correct procedure. I ma sure this has had to
    have occured before. There are others here that are too bright as well :).

    JonT, Sep 5, 2004
  6. JonT

    kris Guest

    JonT wrote on 08/31/2004 03:47 ET
    Hi John
    In order to remove password from your Outlook account you can try below mentio

    1) From the menu bar click on "Go">> "Folder list
    2) Then right click and select "Properties
    3) Click "Advanced
    4) Then click "change Password
    5) Three fields will be shown - old password, new password and the last on
    -verify password
    6) Fill old password, and leave rest of the fields blank., this would remov
    password from your account account

    Now you need to merge old PST with the new PST, for this there are two possibl

    1) Manual Process: Although manual process is bit complex and lengthy one
    check it out

    Step-1 Open Microsoft Outloo
    Step-2 From the File menu select "Import and Export
    Step-3 From Import and Export wizard select Import from another program or fil
    Step-4 Click Next and select Personal folder File(.pst), click on Nex
    Step-5 Select PST files needed to be merge(* select option- Replace duplicate
    with items imported), then click Nex
    Step-6 Now merge PST files in the current folder or to the same folder a
    according to your requiremen
    Step-6 Click finish to terminate the process

    2)Third Party Solution: Quick Way to merge multiple PST files in Outlook, tr
    out amazing 3rd party utility PST Merge tool. It's Demo version is FREE. Wit
    this few clicks you can merge multiple PST files into single PST. Options ar
    provided to create new PST. Read More
    kris, Nov 18, 2013
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