Error-17099 SMTP Relay Error Problem Entourage 2004

Oct 24, 2016
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Been working to try and whittle down an Entourage 2004 Database (was to 6 gigs with 60K messages down to 2 gigs and approximately 9k messages) on my old Mac running Snow Leopard. Been trying to get the database down to size so I can update my system as well as Office programs.

Been taking my time, but in deleting the excess messages, I have encountered a number of corruption issues (one time, it was too corrupted, so I simply revert to my backup; other times a rebuild and compacting of the database seemed to do the trick).

Today while attempting to send some simple emails (single recipient), I received an 17099 error. Fearing that is was a corruption issue, I checked the database, and lo and behold, it did have issues. I rebuilt the database and compacted it, and the messages went out as normal. However the problem has now returned, and verifying the database shows no problems.

I recompacted the database (not wanting to keep rebuilding the database if not necessary), but the problem is still there. The fact that the earlier rebuild temporary fixed the problem tells that it might not be a problem with the ISP. I guess I could try to rebuild the database again, but as before, I don't like rebuilding when I don't have to.

Thus, I was wondering, is there any fix for this, or do I simply need to go back to the last functioning saved identity and go from there?

P.S. I can still receive mail, just can't send it.

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