Excel ODBC and Shape properties in Visio 2003



Verison: Visio 2003 Pro
Excel: Office XP version w/service packs installed
OS: Windows XP Home edition

I'm trying to create an excel file that controls a Viso shape's color in a

- The excel file contains a due date, formula of the number of days
remaining and a formula to state the colour number if the number of days
remailing is below 6.

- I would like the excel file to control the shape's colour based of the
days remaining formula.

I followed microsoft's "Creating the Excel Database and Visio Master"
tutorial at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/254591/en-us and imported tables
and fields from an excel worksheet into Visio. The Visio shape changed colour
and database seemed to be working. I changed and saved the excel file and
tried refreshing the Visio database. Visio displays an error stating: cannot
find linked record in database table for shape "shape name etc". If I revert
and save the excel file, the database doesn't give an error.

I've preformed the following steps:

- In a drawing (.vsd), click on shape
- Tools/Add-ons/Visio Extras/Database Wizard
- "Link shapes to database records"
- "Shape(s) in a drawing"
- Create Data Source...
- "File Data Source (Machine Independent)"
- "Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)
- I select the target excel workbook (tables have beem set in excel file)
- Select created ODBC file
- highlight table
- Select 2 field (shape id and days remaining)
- Choose the desired fields from the database
- Check all events and actions for the shape
- Link Shapesheet cells to database fields (FillForegnd==(number from shape
colour formula)
- accept

Source files:

Can someone please help me with this problem?

Thank You


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