How do I insert a PDF in a Publisher website

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I am not in any way a programmer, but I have designed the following website
for a local youth group. I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to get
pdf documents posted on the Documents page and events page at . And if you have any ideas for sprucing up the
site with some background colors and changing the buttons to be cooler I
would appreciate it, I am tring to make the background a basketball hardwood
floor and my buttons on the left and bottom are pretty weak.. Thanks in
advance for your help


One way that works well is to your pdf files in a folder (we will name the
folder "documents" for this explanation)
On your documents page create a hyperlink to the file you want to display
Example: /documents/registration.pdf

When clicked the registration pdf will display on the screen

If you want the pdf to open in a new separate window:

Using the insert html code fragment feature, insert the following snippet
somewhere on your page where it won't be in the way:

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">function Show(Url,
Name, Features) {, Name, Features); }</script>

Paste the following in the hyperlink dialog:



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