pdf a no show in website



I have a question about publishing to a PDF file from Publisher for use in a
website that I created. I find that when the website document loads up into
a separate window the window is just blank with no text after the document
has loaded. I
can see it loading at the bottom of the window. I have no problems with the
document when loaded locally on my PC into Acrobat whether by itself or when
accessed thru a test website using IE.

I found that there wasn't a problem with my HTML code but it has something
to do with the way Publisher creates the PDF because I was able to take the
Publisher created PDF file, load it into Acrobat and reprint it to another
PDF file using Distiller. It may have something to do with the settings in

The workaround is to publish it to a PDF twice but I'd rather not have to do

Thoughts anyone? Thanks.


Did you try any of the suggestions I made to your last post about this?
Please respond to that thread rather than start a new one.


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