How to use VBA to modify catalog merge data



Newbie question here, not sure on how to even start. I have an access
database that I have created a Catalog merge with. in the DB are 2 fields,
one is labeled "Color" and the other "Colors".. The "Color" Field is the
Color of the item, the "Colors" are additional colors available. Obviously,
not each item has the same colors. The way the data is in the fields, is in
the "Color" field, if the Item is "White" there is a "W", if Black "B", Pearl
White "PW". Only one item is in this field. In the Colors field, if the
item has one or more colors available, they are listed using commas "B, W, Q"

Ok, What I am trying to do is depending on the colors, a little swatch of
color will show up on the page for that Item. Some Items may have only one
swatch, some may have up to 5 different swatches displayed. How do I even do
this in Publisher?
Does anyone have any code examples, tutorial, etc.. that I can reference?


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