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Hi all,

I have two tabs within an excel file, each with two columns. The first column in each tab has titles such as "A1" "A2", etc. that are the same betweenthe two tabs. The second column in each tab is for values corresponding toeach value.

Im copying data from the second tab to the first tab. So I want to write a program that identifies the titles in the first tab, finds which ones in the second tab match to it, and then copy the corresponding value for that title from the second tab to the first tab--this is because the second tab, the source, has some extra titles and values that arent needed. I only need values for the titles in the first tab.

Now i have that all done--im matching the titles. My only problem is if thetitle in one tab is "A1 " (note the space) and the second title is "A1", it wont identify them as the same.

Is there a way to make it identify only the letters? Or one other thing I was thinking was if there was a way to trim the space each time so they match up?

All suggestions are welcome




Barry Schwarz

Since this newsgroup deals with VBA for Word, you might have better
luck posting in one that deals with macros for Excel.


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