Installing additional Office 2007 components/apps after initialinstall



I'm working with Office 2007 Pro Plus. For base installs, I've
created a MSP that installs Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and InfoPath and
leaves out Access and Publisher. This install will be pushed out to

There are some users who will later want/need Access and/or
Publisher. What is the best way to accomplish adding these apps in
afterwards without having to create MSPs for every possible
combination? Basically how do I go about installing just an
additional app from the suite, without touching any of the already
installed apps?

I need to work on testing but from reading, my understanding is that
you can create a MSP to modify the existing install. This works when
adding in only 1 app. In that case I would take the original MSP that
had Access set to unavailable and save a copy of it with Access
enabled and Publisher disabled. However if I applied this to someone
who had Publisher installed, my understanding is that Publisher would
be removed because the MSP I was applying to add Access had Publisher
disabled. I need to come up with a way to just add in Access or
Publisher while leaving whatever the current installation state of
existing apps is alone.

Anyone have any ideas?



I am looking for a solution to the same problem. I want to modify a current
install to add Access without installing/uninstalling other 2007 products
that might be on the machine.

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