JavaScript in Frontpage 2003



Using Frontpage 2003, latest updates.

I've created pages with embedded video for years, using the Object and Embed

However, IE7 presents a difficulty for this. It uses the Object tag rather
than Embed, to use an ActiveX Control to display video. But ActiveX content
is blocked by default in IE7, and the user has to go through a lot of
hassle, perhaps fear that they might damage to their computer ("do you
really want to run blocked active content?"), to show it.

I hope Microsoft fixes that IE7 problem at some point.

However, I recently read of a workaround--to have Javascript call the object
and embed tags. I tried it, and it worked--the content will show in IE7
without getting a blocked message:

For example, here's a page I created that way: (requires Quicktime

It works online--plays in IE7, Firefox 2, and Opera 9, without problems.

However, when the page is opened in Frontpage (where I created it, by
inserting the code directly in the code tab), and I go to the Preview pane,
it does not work there, and I receive multiple error messages about the

Why does the page work online, but doesn't work in Frontpage preview pane,
and generates error messages there?

Also, if I open the page on my hard drive in IE7, rather than where uploaded
on the web, it also doesn't work, getting the blocked content message again.
Why would the page work on the web, and not work when opened from my hard

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