Maintaing Cell References when using Sort Function


Jim Fisher

I have a worksheet called 'master' with two columns which
I use to sort my data i.e. Project Ref No. and Plant Ref
No. I also have other worksheets within the same file
which are referenced to cells in my 'master' worksheet.
However when I apply different sorting criteria to
the 'master' spreadsheet I lose my cell references. For
example, when using no filter cell A10 on the 'master'
worksheet contains some data which is referenced to
another worksheet called 'plan'. When I apply a filter
the original data from A10 is now moved to A50, however
the reference from 'plan' worksheet still looks at cell
A10. How can I ensure my references stay releative to the
content of the cell and not to the cell label?



John Wilson


You could try making your cell references absolute:
A1 - when moved/copied elsewhere will reference
relative to where it's moved/copied.
$A$1 - will reference A1 regardless of where it's
moved/copied to.
$A1 - locks the reference to Column A
A$1 - locks the reference to row #1


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