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MS pub. landscape trunkcation issue

Just bought an HP Photosmart Premier printer and NOW when I print a publisher
doucumet in landscape, the margins are moved in 3/4 inch and deletes my
document on the left and right sides. Margins are ALL set to "0" HP tells
me the printer does not support landscape, and it's made for printing pics.
Any other priters that will work? The old Dell printer worked just fine.

Mary Sauer

You might want to check with HP for an updated driver. The printer will have
something other than premier for a model name.
Even new printers will have outdated drivers if it sat on the shelf for long. I
don't know who you talked to at HP about landscape, they have no idea what they
are talking about. Three quarters of an inch seems excessive.

It is always best to completely remove a driver before installing/reinstalling.
Mary Sauer MVP

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