Minimize resource overallocation



I need to optimize my project to minimize resource overallocation. I
have several resources which can perform the same work. Is it possible
to manually assign a resource type from a common group of resources, and
then automatically level the project to assign a specific resource from
that group to minimize overallocation (instead of leveling by delaying

For example:
Task A requires 1 Carpenter. Manually assign 1 generic carpenter to
Task A.
Resources include Carpenter A, Carpenter B, and Carpenter C, which are
all part of a Carpenter group.
Automatically level the project resulting in the assignment of a
particular carpenter (e.g. Carpenter B) to Task A and a minimized
overallocation of resources throughout the project.

Perhaps there is a better way to attack this problem. Any help on how
to make this approach work, or suggestions for a different way to
optimize by swapping common resources would be most appreciated.




Hello starforel,

The short answer is no, the project manager is responsible for
assigning resources and optimizing resource allocation and
minimizing resource overallocation.

You can create Carpenter1, Carpenter2, etc and on the Resource Sheet
enter their Group as "Carpenter". You can then use the filter by
Group choice in the Assign Resources dialog box to help view
resources from the specified group. You can also use the "graph"
button on the assign resources dialog to view what selected
resources have for work and availability during the time period of
the selected task.

I hope this helps. Let us know how you get along.

Project MVP

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