Office Document Imaging Crashing After SP3 Update



I use Document Imaging to read our fax tiff files. After updating to SP3we
lost the association with TIF but I quickly fixed that. Now, when I opena
TIF file and go to the File menu it crashes as soon as I hit File. All the
other menu items work except File. If I save the file, open the file and
crash Imaging, repeat this process, on the third iteration through the File
menu will work. After rebooting the machine its back to crashing everytime.
Here is the error as logged in the event viewer:

Event ID: 1000

Faulting application mspview.exe, version 11.0.8166.2, stamp 4616c203,
faulting module mspview.exe, version 11.0.8166.2, stamp 4616c203, debug? 0,
fault address 0x00016537.

This is happening on several local workstations running WinXP SP2 as wellas
on my Terminal Server running Windows 2003 Server.

Any ideas would be appreciated greatly.



I finally found the solution from Microsoft Knowledge Base 952002.

This hotfix is available on Microsoft Knowledge Base since 2008, but I don’t know why people didn’t bring this up for the solution. Maybe the weird title of that knowledge base is not easy for people to link it to this issue.


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