onenotes doesn't work

Jun 3, 2015
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Hi guys, need your help here...
My Windows 7 crash yesterday and I and i had to reinstall Windows. After that is done, all my previous file is moved to a section called windows.old..
now, I would like to open some important documents that I have worked in onenote, previously, I have left most autosave and backup settings untouch. I have since copy the entire folder from "my documents" to the new documents, backup folder from "applocal" to the new installed windows.
But when I open onenote, all the files are outdated notes that I have worked on a week ago and not the very latest file before my onenote crash
I even have saved a most updated onenote file but it is corrupted..
Really need help here~~ pls help its impt documents~~ T_T


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