Outlook 2016 freezing when adding new email.

May 14, 2017
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Hello, I had an IMAP account set up in Outlook 2016.
One day due to some synchronisation errors, most of my emails went missing.
So, I decided to remove my IMAP account and add it again.
It's an Outlook.com email linked with my own domain.
Like, (e-mail address removed) and it can be logged in to via Outlook.com
So, I made a new profile from the "Mail" option in control panel and decided to set it up again.
But I don't know why, whenever I click "Next" after inserting all my details, the part where it's supposed to check my account details, Outlook stops responding and gets stuck like that forever.
I have tried the following solutions so far:
1. Remove old profile completely.
2. Reinstall entire Microsoft Office.
3. Tried using POP3 which works but POP3 will not synchronise the sent box and it is absolutely important for me to have the emails from the sent box. If I had no use of it then I would just had used POP3.
4. Repair Microsoft Office.

Please help,
Thank you and regards.


Apr 14, 2016
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Please make sure you update your office programs. My Outlook worked fine after I updated (I did have the same issue as you describe)

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