Paper size error


Jim Dixon

Maybe I'm trying too hard, but my boss is using Word 2002, and when he goes
into "Tools", "Letters and Mailing", and "Envelopes and Labels" and just
tries to print a one-off envelope, he gets an error, "wrong paper size". If
I set the paper size originally, before going into "Tools", to Envelope, no
problems, but that's a pain.

I'm using the same program on my computer, with the same model printer (HP
DJ 5650), and it has no problems, I don't have to set a paper size for it to
print a simple envelope.

If it's any help, I'm on Win XP Home, but he's on Win XP Pro (new computer
came with it).


I just hate that dialog. The easy way to do this is to go to the Envelope
dialog, select the envelope size you use, then click New Document. This will
add the envelope to the current document as Page 0. Delete the other pages
and use the remaining page as the basis for creating a template. Then
whenever you need to address an envelope, select and copy the address, use
File, New to open a new document from the envelope template and then Paste
in the address. Saves much malarkey in the long term.

Jim Dixon

I will give that a try, Terry. Thanks for the quick response, you must
really loathe that error message!
Have a good one, Jim

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