Pivot Tables in Excel Files keep crashing



Version: 2008
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
Processor: Intel

I have a Mac Book Air, running Leopard OS. I have Microsoft Office for the Mac 2008. They work fine except for one problem I'm having in Excel.

Every week my company sends me over an excel file that has Pivot Tables in it. When I try and filter the pivot tables by selecting a different set of data in the drop down menu it crashes Excel. I called Technical support and the Tech rep was using a mac with Tiger and had no problem working the pivot tables at all. When she moved the files over to a Mac with Leopard, it crashed just like mine did. She forwarded me on to Pro Support who wants to charge me $250.00 to fix a problem that is clearly a compatibility issue with Leopard and Excel. My company will not authorize me to spend that money for a glitch in the software that's not my problem.

So now I have to take the file, move it over to a PC on a memory stick operate the pivot tables and use the file over there which is a pain

Has anybody out there found a solution to this?

Todd Aton

Will you send me the same file?

Todd Aton
Macintosh Business Unit
Microsoft Corporation

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