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Some of the projects that I work with are having a printing issue
since we set them up with the new instance. On the old instance they
were able to print their time sheets with the manager, resource and
company fields under their user name and the date to be filled out and
signed by hand. The new instance doesn't have the same fields when
you print the time sheet. I was wondering if you guys have any idea
about how to change the print options in PWA.

I would really appreciate any help.





Gary L. Chefetz [MVP]

A field discrepancy between the two instances would simply indicate that the
original instance had more published fields in the timesheet than the new
one. Make a list of the fields you want, and then add them to the published
fields in all existing projects and all project templates so that they'll
appear in future projects. For specific directions, there's good content in
the FAQs at


Gary L. Chefetz, MVP
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