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I'm trying to create sense of consistancy in my PWA views. In Project
Center I can show a progress line on the project bar. However, the a
Projects Detail view, I can't get a progress line on the project bar
or any summary bars. In the gantt chart formats, I've checked the the
Project Summary and the Summary Progress bars. In the view I've added
scheduled, baselined and actual starts, finishes, hours and durations.
I've also included % complete and % work complete. The progress lines
show on tasks, but not on summaries or the project bar. Is there any
way to rectify this?



Dale Howard [MVP]

Shane --

What you want to do in a Project Details view in PWA cannot be done. In the
Tracking Gantt view in Microsoft Project 2007, you can see the progress
information shown on summary tasks and the Project Summary Task, shown as a
"fence post" or "teeth" pattern on the summary task's Gantt bar. In PWA,
however, you can only show progress on regular tasks. You cannot show
progress on summary task Gantt bars, such as in a Project Details view.
Hope this helps.

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