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Version: 2008
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
Processor: Intel
Email Client: Exchange

Need help with Public Folder issues on a MacBook Pro using Entourage 12.1.7 connected to a Microsoft Exchange/Windows 2003 server.

We have only one Mac on our system and it is experiencing difficulties getting some of the Public Folders (in particular the Calendar) to synchronize when connected to our network. All other Exchange public folders seem to be synchronizing, but as a consequence of the issues with the Calendar folder, it takes an interminable period of time for this to happen. All we see in the lower right status bar is the horizontal barber pole and the text "Now updating Info Calendar." Lately it never seems to go away and this is especially true if the Mac has been disconnected from the system for a few days or more.

Another issue that we'd like to have corrected, which may be interconnected, is that all of the public folders do not have off-line cached versions, which our PCs running Outlook have. If there was a way to cache the Public Folders, perhaps it wouldn’t take so long to synchronize once the Mac is connected after an extended absence?

Can someone please help us non-Mac users sort out these issues?

Pawan Kapoor


Go ahead and subscribe the public folder in Entourage.

Expand the public folders and do a control+Click on the public calendar
Click on subscribe and this will create a local cache of your public
calendar in the local Entourage database

This way you can access your public calendar much faster (as you have local
cache available)

Hope this helps,

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