Publisher 2007 hangs on "best print quality"



Any ideas or suggestions on why Publisher would hang on BEST print quality
printer settings? I am trying to print a 5.5" X 8.5" document onto 5.5" X
8.5" cardstock paper from MS Publisher 2007 using the BEST print quality
setting for my HP Officejet printer.

The reason I think this is a Publisher or document layout/setting issue
instead of a printer issue is because I can print a nearly identical
Publisher document with the same paper & same paper size using BEST print
quality settings, and it prints out just fine! I have compared all margins,
print & paper settings between the two documents, and cannot discover any
differences between the two documents other than layout & actual content.

Also, this document prints just fine under NORMAL print quality and DRAFT
print quality settings, but when I select BEST print quality settings, the
paper partially advances, printheads move into position, the printer display
says "Printing", and nothing more happens - ever! I get a "document failed to
print" message from the system tray, but no other error messages appear on
the printer or computer.

Color is set to Print in Grayscale-Black Only when testing all three quality
settings. The Ink levels of the cartridges register at 97% Black (new) and
80% Color. I have reset the printer (Partial, Semi-full, & Full resets) with
no differences in outcome. All printer drivers and updates are up to date.

If it was the printer, wouldn't it refuse to print ANY Publisher documents
with BEST print quality?? Thanks in advance for your help!

Mary Sauer

Have you tried HP support? I have HP printers, they all print correctly when I
select "Best." Is your printer driver current? Could be when you print on card
stock, the printer balks.
I'd ask HP.

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