Publisher 2007 margin help



I am printing on a HP Laserjet CP3525. Margin guides are set at: top.3, left
..3, bottom .3, & right .3 Under advanced my layout type is a booklet.Under
print set up: size is legal & set at portrait.Under Properties set as a
booklet printing,legal paper size, orientation: portrait,left binding,print
on document:legal.I am using 8 1/2 in x 14 in paper (office Depot Premium
multipurpose super bright white paper. When I print out my publication I have
a 1" margin on both sides of my application.
How do I fix this?

Mary Sauer

I setup a publication identical to your specifications. My printout was correct.
You have to be sure in the Advanced you re-set the paper width to 7" when you
select booklet. It will default to 5.5.

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