Resource outline codes visible and then deleted from cube when it builds overnight



Hi - I'm new to the group
I use Project Server 2003. I have created 4 new resource outline codes
and removed data from exisiting outline codes. WHen I do a manual
rebuild or change the time for the cube to rebuild within a few hours
the New resource outline codes show up.

However, each night when the cube auto rebuilds it completely removes
the newly created resource outline codes and defaults back to the old

ie - the old resource outline codes was #20 and 21 and were titled
Department Number
the new ones I created are Resource outline code 3 and entitled Dept
The new codes show up in the global and the resource sheet; however, as
stated they are not being retained in the cube when it auto builds

ANY help is appreciated. We ran a tool that MS sent us for truncating
issues and it worked, but again when the cube rebuilt last night same
results the Dept No. field is missing from the view this morning.


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