scaffolding material calculation in MS Project

Feb 25, 2012
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Is there a simple way to do following:
1. scaffolders errect scaffold
2. painters are using scaffold
3. scaffolders are remove scaffold

Painters start and finish date are fixed, (and duration of course). Scaffolders can build few days before, but scaffolding MUST be ready on painters start date. After destroy scaffold can start few days after painters coplete painting. So, building and destroying scaffolding is ``floating`` task.

Easy part of calc scaffolding material is during building and removal, just amount of units that is equal to cubic meters. Prorated option / its working OK.

Hard part / how to?
- calculate amount of scaffolding units needed for several project (different start and duration)
(keep in mind that errected scaffolding units/m3 are fixed once its errected and every day you have same amount involved in specific project) until you will start to destroying the same scaffold
I don`t need a cost of scaffold / just amount of units on one cut date / to see the peaks/ how much scaffolding I have to supply.

How to setup scaffolding material resource? as material or work / if you chose any of these scaffold will be consumed / what is not correct, because scaffold exist whole time after building till destruction - same amount. You can multiply days x m3 = required units for period, and then prorated option is fine, but you have to recalculate units if you move dates - which is not good

How to setup Calendar for scaffolding material? 24 hrs or ?

Any idea? :confused:


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