Setting a subform to a member of a collection

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Dennis Snelgrove

I'm attempting to write a class module that will act as a multiple
subform manager.
I've got a form in Access 2007 which has a large empty subform
container, a list box, and a set of command buttons for opening up a
couple of types of subforms and doing a couple of other things. The
subform is simply a holder for the currently active form; in no case
is there any need for a parent/child relationship. The idea is that
this database is an event log and we have a couple of different
subforms that we use to record different types of events during a work
shift. I need to be able to open up more than one entry at the same
time as there are times when we have more than one event happening
concurrently. I want the manager to use the listbox to show the
currently open entries; click on an entry in the list box and it
brings (or switches) that form into the subform container, while not
closing any other subform that may still be open. All subforms have a
"Save" button on them for saving the individual entry.

In the General Declarations area of the class module, I declare :
Dim clnOpenSubForms As New Collection
Private lstOpenSubForms As ListBox
Private chldSubFormContainer As SubForm

I store a form in clnOpenSubForms with a key of "CStr(hWnd)" The list
box and the subform are properties of the class, telling it what
control to use on the form. My problem is that I can't figure out how
to set the chldSubFormContainer to an entry in the collection. I know
I'd do this in the list box update event procedure, but how to do is
where I'm confused.

Any help is appreciated...

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