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Discussion in 'Word VBA Beginners' started by Jeremy's Dad, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. Jeremy's Dad

    Jeremy's Dad Guest

    7 years ago I developed a series of templates for approximately 50
    coworkers and have had no issues of any kind until we recently updated
    from Word 2000 to Word 2007. Since then, we've started to experience
    a behaviour I have yet to find a solution for.

    The original templates were all available via a custom menu (called
    Case Management Letters) that was called via the following code in a
    module of the normal.dot:

    Public Sub Autoexec()
    ' Install Letters Template from Normal.Dot
    ' Macro created 02/07/2004 by Gary Cassidy

    AddIns.Add FileName:="p:\CaseManagementTools\Letters.dot",

    End Sub

    Given the new ribbon interface, the commands now show up under the Add-
    Ins tab. That took several of my techno-challenged users some time to
    work through but soon after their blood pressure returned to normal, I
    began to get lots of very unhappy phone calls.

    The problem occurs when users try to open a Word document that comes
    as an attachment in Outlook. We are part of a larger organization
    (15,000 staff) and get multiple emails of this kind every day. When
    the user selects the attachment from within Outlook, Word gets
    executed but opens to a blank screen and fails to open the document.
    Interestingly, if Word is left active and the attachment is clicked a
    second time from Outlook, it is opened.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but does that not mean Outlook is sending
    additional parameters related to the document attachment when opening
    Word? If so, why would this be a problem with the 2007 version of
    Word when it never was with the 2000?

    As I said, our office is part of a much larger organization and I have
    developed these tools only for our local team. While I can make some
    adaptations to Word via local templates etc, I have no control over
    how Outlook operates.

    Any thoughts on how I might address the issue?
    Jeremy's Dad, Apr 27, 2011
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