Total Newbie - Downloading Web Site for Backup



Hi all

This is not specifically a Publisher question, but relates to the download
of a web site for backup.
Having recently taken over a small engineering company, I have inherited a
web site with a small ISP.
Hearing that the ISP had gone into administration, I was concerned to get a
copy of the company's web site in case it had to be relocated to another
The original ISP guy gave me an ip address and password to ftp into his
server, but, probably due to a complex firewall setup, I have never had a
lot of luck with ftp software.
Anywho, I came across some software called WinHTTrack Website Copier. This I
launched and went throught the setup for copying a site.
The copy operation completed and I appear to have a copy install of the
company web site on my PC (without entering passwords, ip addresses etc).

So the question is:

Is the copy I have downloaded suitable for relocation to another server/isp
or is the method I have used likely to have omitted key elements that would
be captured by the true ftp route?



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