Uncontrolled Unwanted email notifications



Is there a setting to force Project Server 2003 to ask before send
email notifications?
everytime I change tasks or assignments it automatically send the
messages. Sometimes I am not ready for this but the messages are sent
after I save.
Is there a way to temporarly dissallow this or to request that the
server ask before send?
where is the control point for these email notifications?
I know there is one in Project Web acces
Email notifications
but this is general but is not the part that controls them.

I think there was a check box somewhere that I could set to end or not
the notification....

any help will be appreciated...





Hi David,

It sounds like something that you can change in a setting within
Project Professional. Go to Tools/Options and then the Collaborate
Tab. From there, deslect the "On every save, publish the following
information to Project Server: New and Changed Assignments"

That way an e-mail to people with New and Changed Assignments will
require a manual Collaborate/Publish/New and Changed Assignments that
you could use when you are ready.

I hope this helps.

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