Use of Mail Merge in Publisher 2003



I have a document in Publisher 2003 and use mail merge from an Excel file.
The newsletter has 200 addresses. The document looks fine until I do mail
merge and create a new publication. Then my spacing changes and some columns
are reducted in size. The entire newsletter format is changed! I have tried
things, nothing has worked.
Any suggestions?
Kim McEntire




Reference: Create and send e-mail publications using Publisher:

Reference: Tips and troubleshooting for sending a publication page as an
e-mail message (2003):

It sounds like you are tying to email a print formatted newsletter in html
format, and you simply cannot convert all print formatting to html.
Publisher will try to rearrange the newsletter, but it will choke on some
print designs and formatting. It is better if you redesign your newsletter
by starting with one of the email formatted newsletters and then KISS.
Regardless of what you do, you are going to have layout issues, and there
are going to be people who will not be able to read your email because their
security settings or email client won't allow it.

It would also be easier and better if you sent your current email message as
PDF attachment. That way it won't be changed. If you need a pdf tool,
download and install the freebie: www.primopdf.coom



Thanks for the info. I do send the newsletter in PDF format.
I will look at the troubleshooting tips. Thanks again!


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