Using heading level style in the paragraph



Hi folks,
I have this issue trying to create a template. I have the following setup

1 Header 1
2 Header 2
3 Tests
3.1 Able's test
Test 1-1
Test 1-2
3.2 Becky's tests
Test 2-1
Test 2-2
3.3 Carl's tests
Test 3-1
Test 3-2

Now I am getting the second number (the one after the dash) by using {SEQ Install \n \* MERGEFORMAT} and having \r for each new heading 2 section. But I want to have the first number (the one before the dash) tie into heading 2 level. So that the '2' from 3.2 correlates to the '2' in the test 2-1.

I've tried using {STYLEREF "Heading 2" \n } but it gives "Test 3.2-1" whereas I only want the 2 and leave the '3.' part behind.

Any ideas? TIA,

Stefan Blom

When you retrieve a paragraph number with a STYLEREF field, you will always
get the whole number. Could you perhaps set up level 2 so that it does *not*
include level 1?

Kevin Meek

Not really. I'm using the level 2 header so that it populates the ToC and the Test 3-2 string will be in the table denoting the Test number.


Stefan Blom

Since you are already using manual restarts (to a certain extent), you could
set up all the numbering with SEQ fields, which will give you full control
over the numbering.

To repeat the preceding number, use the \c switch. To restart after a
heading style, use \s followed by the heading level after which numbering
should restart. To restart at a specific number, use the \r switch.

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