When typing text in footnote, why does footnote move upward, send



In attempting to create a template for a Memorandum, when I type text in a
footnote the footnote text continues to be included on the page with the
footnote reference, moving the text from the document (body) to the following
page, while retaining the footnote and moving it in an upward motion on the
same page? In other words, the footnote moves up on the page, the text in
the body of the document moves to the next page and the footnote fills up the
page on which it is being typed, ending up with one or two lines of text but
10 lines of footnote? How do I “instruct†the footnote to break so that I
can retain text (body)?



Suzanne S. Barnhill

You can't. Word will keep the entire footnote on the same page if it can.
How much of the footnote will fit depends on the length of the footnote and
the position of the footnote reference on the page (obviously, if the
footnote reference is very low on the page, only a little of the footnote
will fit). If the footnote reference is in a long paragraph, you can see
what happens when you format the paragraph as "Keep lines together" and
possibly even "Keep with next," but I would be inclined to leave well enough
alone. FWIW, many users are equally upset when a footnote is broken and runs
onto the following page instead of being completed on the same page (there
*is* a way around that--sometimes).

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