Word 2007 - scroll jumps back to cursor position



Win XP; Word 2007; Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse v2.0

when scrolling thru a Word document using the mouse scroll wheel the view will jump back to the cursor position.

This also happens if I use the scroll wheel on my Logitech keyboard, so it's not a mouse driver issue.

I'm working on a desktop computer, so it's not me accidentally touching the touchpad.

This is REALLY frustating, as I am writing a long document and want to be able to scoll through it, leaving the cursor where I last clicked. I don't want to have to click in the document to 'lock' the
cursor position.

I have searched for answers to this and the general consensus seems to be that 'that's the way it works' and 'what's the big deal'. But it never did this in Word 2002 or 2003. It does NOT happen in
Excel 2007 or PowerPoint. 2007.

Any suggestions much appreciated.






Additional info I've just discovered:- this also happen if I use Word's own vertical scroll bars.

Surely this is a bug rather than a design feature? What if I want to select a large amount of text by clicking at the start of it, scrolling to the end of the text I want to select, and then shift
clicking to complete my selection?

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