How to make scroll bar permanently visible, Word 365

Nov 25, 2021
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Hello everyone

I usually use Word 2003, but ocassionally I need to use Word 365 (on the same computer). I compare long documents against each other visually. In Word 365, the scroll bar disappears when the mouse is not over Word, and the scroll bar is hidden when the Word window does not have the focus. This disappearance act serves no functional purpose, so I'm not sure why Microsoft chose to implement it. Word 2003 doesn't have this problem. This is an issue because it means I can't see my relative position in a file unless I click inside the window, which is a bit of a productivity killer.

Do you know of a way to force Word to always show the scroll bar, even if the mouse is not over the window and even if the window does not have the focus? Even a registry fix would be welcome :)

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